Staining and Sealing

Staining and sealing is the most important process in restoring and protecting your log home. Every home needs to be treated with the proper products that will allow it to breathe, resist moisture. This aids against the environmental effects of UV rays, snow build-up, and driving rain.


Not all log stains are created equal and it is imperative to choose the right stain for your specific project. When you go to the expense of a complete or partial restoration, be sure to finish the job with products intended to withstand the elements, especially if it’s a new log home receiving its first finish.

Mtn Acres Log Home Restoration supports high quality products from industry leaders such as Sashco, Perma-Chink  and Weatherall North West. We are certified applicators for all three companies using the best log staining products available on the market. This approach produces lasting results and protects your investment over the long run. Our experts will help you determine the best stain for your project. All you need to do is choose the color.


The Log Staining Process

After your house has been media blasted, the crew buffs the surface with an Osborn brush to remove any raised fibers and create a smooth uniform surface.  After the surface is prepared, our team uses low-pressure sprayers to coat all log surfaces with a continuous, even coat. While applying, we back brush by hand to prevent excess stain from forming drips and runs. This two-step process creates a superior, blemish-free result every time.

If a job requires re-staining, we wash the logs to remove pollen, dirt, and peeling stain. We repair any surface defects and let the logs dry. Applying stain to a moist surface results in stain failure and log damage. Nothing is applied until the conditions are just right. Re-staining is performed with brushes to ensure proper absorption, coverage, and blending.

As far as maintenance, we recommend an annual “soft wash” and log inspection to extend the life of your new stain and keep it beautiful year after year. Learn more about SoftWash on our Maintenance Services page.