Media Blasting & Stripping

Preparation is key to the quality of a finished product. Media blasting and stripping removes old stain, opens the grain of your home’s logs and prepares the surface for a fresh coat of stain.


Chinking and Caulking

Log homes are known for their energy efficiency. In order to maintain this performance, proper log chinking and caulking is vital as well as to maintain the structure of the home.


Staining and Sealing

Staining and sealing are the most important processes in restoring and protecting your log home. We will work with you to find the right stain for your home.


Log Repair and Replacement

As with any exposed surface, log homes will start to show signs of wear. The three most common enemies of wood are: UV damage, insect infestation and excessive moisture.


Custom Light Carpentry and Log Siding

Sometimes we come across the need to do a little bit of light carpentry such as support posts, railings, decks, etc. We will do our best to find solutions that work for you.


Pressure Washing

Diesel powered V-Twin heated pressure washer with capabilities of going from 0-5000 psi and temperatures from relative tap water up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. We can handle all of your cleaning needs.

Blower Door Testing

If your home is drafty we can help. We decompress the air in a home and then use thermal imaging to pinpoint air leaks to understand where the we need to apply caulking.