Ryan Brooks
Ryan BrooksFounder
Before Mtn Acres Ryan worked in windows & roofing all over the Pacific Northwest Along with different odd jobs in construction & spent as much time as possible snowboarding every winter. In 2016 a long time friend was on a ski trip & told Ryan about the process of log home restoration. That summer Ryan went to the east coast to apprentice on a large project on a beautiful lake in Maine. He fell in love with the entire process & learned the basics. That next spring Ryan attended two different training programs designed specifically for log home restoration & wood science. Four years later he’s having the time of his life working on log homes, snowboarding every morning all winter & hanging out with his wolf/bear mut dog Indio.
Shawn (Scurry) Murray
Shawn (Scurry) Murray
Shawn has been with Mtn Acres from the very beginning and is a vital part of this company. Before he helped start Mtn Acres he was doing different carpentry, tree work, automotive & small motor repair, rustic furniture creation, roofing…. the list goes on & on, he was basically the town “go to” problem solver. Mostly he is a family man. His wife Ayla & 7 year old son Liam are a huge part of the Mtn Acres family. Liam is learning the ways of log home repair & plans on joining the blasters as soon as he can.
Indio has also been with the company since the very beginning. A loyal supporter & fantastic observer. He always has a great attitude & keeps the team moral at an all time high. He also seeks out the best shade & cool spots on every project which helps us know which wall to stain & when to stain it. Another vital part of the family.

Mtn Acres Log Homes News Stories

Clemco Industries recently ran a news story about Mtn Acres Log Home Restoration because we use Clemco equipment. Clemco is the world’s largest manufacturer of air-powered, abrasive blasting equipment. (What used to be called sandblasting equipment.) We use Clemco equipment to strip wood decay, old stain and Washington’s state flower, mold, off the exterior of log homes before we stain them.

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