Thank you for taking the time to visit our portfolio. We are proud of the work we do and hope the following pictures and videos provide you with visuals that can highlight the work we do and how we can refinish your home.  Every home is different in terms of wood, stain, and architecture and we will take the time to ensure that your home is refinished correctly by using the proper products and methods.

This shows how the entire house lights up after we have refinished the outside,

This is a before & after of a corner that we sandblasted, buffed, cleaned, stained, clear coated & then applied chinking.

Log railings are something we have to deal with quite often.  They seem to take on the brunt of our northwest weather.   Sun damage & wood decay were removed by sandblasting.  We then buffed & sanded them before applying 2 coats of stain & 1 coat of clear.  Like new again!

We sandblast using recycled glass media called Enviro-Grit.   It’s environmentally friendly & strips the old stain, wood decay or dead wood & mold from the surface of the logs, leaving a solid “sound” wood behind.  After blasting we buff & sand the surface to smooth things out that were left rough from the blasting process.

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I love what we do....

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No matter what size home you have, we have the ways & means to get to every hard to reach spot on your home.  Between lifts, scaffolding, pump jacks & ropes, we can reach it all.  It helps to have the right toys, I mean equipment to do the job safely & efficiently as possible while enjoying ourselves at the same time.

This is a before & after of our very first project as Mtn Acres or MALHR.   Shawn & I did most of this on our own with the help of our friend Ben when he could.  It was quite an adventure to say the least.  We started it late in the season & ended up having to deal with snow & heavy wind storms.  We had to wrap the entire place in plastic in order to keep the walls protected.  We finished it all in the nick of time & it turned out magnificent.  One heck of a way to start things off haha.